iHC XT® Torch height control

iHC XT® Torch height control. THC controller is used for automatic CNC plasma cutting technology. Connected as a separate control unit with your controller, or integrated with the iCNC Performance controller. The iHC XT controls the automatic torch up and down function, the distance from the torch to the material. Depending on the thickness of the metal, it automatically positions the material for piercing and the optimum cutting height, which at the same time extends the performance of the consumable parts.


What could be easier? Simply choose the material, thickness and amps you are using to cut your next work – the intelligent iHC XT takes care of the rest. All the torch height related parameters are set automatically.
The iHC XT® will even give proper kerf and speed value settings for the CNC.
This minimizes the work load and potential operator errors, without sacrificing the advanced features of the height control.

All ideal settings for Ignition Height, Pierce Height & Time, Cut Height, Arc Voltage and other key parameters are preset.

Two Lifter Versions, (100    mm) / (200 mm) Stroke
•  Lifter dimensions (W x D x L) (127 x 100 x 400 or 480 mm)
•  100 mm lifter weight 6.0 kg
•  200 mm lifter weight 16 lbs 7.0 kg
The collision sensor weighs an additional 1.0 kg


Intuitive User Interface
•    Rotate the dial to pick up the right process – or when cutting, to fine-tune the cut height!

Precise Arc Voltage Monitoring for Ultimate Cut Quality
•    50 - 300V, settable in 0.1V increments, controlled by 0.02V measuring resolution.

Voltage Sampling to Adapt for Consumable Wear
•    Keeps the nozzle distance from plate correct throughout the entire life time of the electrode.

Two Ways to Sense the Plate
•    Ohmic Contact
•    Collision sense (adjustable sensitivity) virtually eliminates plate sensing problems caused by dirty nozzle/plate, preventing electric contact.
•    If Ohmic contact does not work, the sensors on the iHolder take care of sensing the plate.

Built-in Laser Pointer for easier torch positioning.

Programmable Cutting Parameters Include:
•    Short distance transfer height and time-in-place before returning back to position
•    Height to slow down for plate sensing
•    Arc voltage
•    Ignition height
•    Pierce height
•    Cut height