CNC Plasma cutting machine modernization

CNC Plasma cutting machine modernization

Project for upgrading plasma cutting equipment, machine with CNC control. The metal cutting machine is used for precise metal cutting. CNC Controller iCNC Performance e®.



iCNC Performance e ® is a new generation CNC controller that provides your cutting system with new capabilities:

• Integrated plasma height control.
• servomotors with Integrated amplifiers.
• Up to 2 plasma systems or 4 gas cutting torches.
• Compatible with pipe cutting machine.
• Possibility to attach a drill instead of a cutting torch.

Controller with Windows® operating system.
Provides control over plasma or gas cutting process.
The software includes a library of commonly used templates,
which allows the operator to create a cutting plan quickly and easily.

DXF, DWG - import and processing of files.
ProMotion® NESTING - optimization program for arrangement of details on a sheet.
Second level of ProMotion® - version provides the automatic sheet layout feature.

Optional module - Diameter Pro™ auto part optimization function for hole cutting. Diameter Pro™ improves holes with minimal cone-free results. As soon as the holes are cut, the part is ready for further work. This saves time and money by eliminating secondary processes and increasing productivity.

Optional module - Part marking function, markup text and numeric generator.

ProMotion® loads CAD image, creates cutting technology ( side edges, pierce points, cutting order, etc.). Copy details and layout on the desktop. Send the cutting program to the process or save it for later use.

Standard equipment:
• iCNC Performance e ® CNC Controller

Additional complete set:
• 1 level productivity CNC software - ProMotion®;
• 2 level productivity software, automatic - NESTING;
• Diameter Pro™ - optimization function for hole cutting
 Marking function with text generator, CNC software
• Module for round pipe cutting, CNC software