CNC THERMAL CUTTING - Manufacturing of metal parts service
The metalworking company produces custom-made, standard and non-standard metal constructions, steel products and other metals. We accept orders regardless of their specifics and guarantee that the works will be executed on time and with high quality. We carry out all kinds of welding work, both on site and in the workshop.

The company is professionally engaged in the production of metal products and offers a wide range of modules and welded assortment. Qualified craftsmen will carry out the most complex work using drawings or sketches of our own designers or according to the client's individual project.

We offer the service of creating drawings of required parts to order from the given specification.

CNC PLASMA & OXY-FUEL - Cutting machine specification

Effective cutting area: 2000x3000 mm
Plasma source: Thermal-Dynamics CutMaster A80
Cutting current: 100A

Plasma cutting
Mild Steel: 1 - 20 mm
Stainless steel: 1 - 12 mm

Aluminium: 1 - 15 mm
Oxy-fuel cutting
Mild Steel: 5 - 150 mm

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