CNC Milling and Trimming How to filter process dusts?

CNC Milling and Trimming How to filter process dusts?
One of the critical aspects in the machine tools processes of composite materials, carbon fiber, light alloys, aluminium, magnesium, resins, wood, thermoplastic materials, fiberglass, kevlar, sandwich structures, is the filtration of the dust generated during the milling and trimming processes.

An efficient filtration system allows to keep the work area clean both near the spindle (thanks to a high head system connected to the external filtration unit) and in the rest of the machine (thanks to ducts equipped with suction nozzles positioned on the table edge connected to another filter unit).

These types of dust can generate a potential explosive atmosphere and are classified according to ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres) standards, therefore any construction parameter of the system and each of its components are strictly related to the evaluation of the risk of explosion carried out by the user (for details: ATEX)

In this regard, to meet the requirements of UNI EN 1127-1 relating to explosion prevention and protection,
TAMA AERNOVA adopts the following basic logics:

- Explosion-resistant design;
- Overpressure venting system;
- Explosion suppression;
- Flame propagation and explosion prevention.

and the choice of equipment is determined based on the type of powder to be treated and its hazard index.

Therefore, designing a filtration system means taking into account countless variables that only a qualified and expert team is able to analyse: data collection, feasibility studies and information exchanges are the preliminary steps to frame the real needs of the client in order to identify the best technical and economic solutions aimed at achieving maximum results with the best management economy.

The experiences acquired over the past 35 years allow us to propose ourselves as a partner in the most varied sectors, applying customized or standardized solutions for air filtration.

Technological innovations, products’ industrialization and customization, competence in proposing solutions, management of the documentary part, as well as solutions to the problems related to the risks of explosive pollutants (ATEX) are the strengths of our company and will remain our strategic objectives in order to consolidate the interaction between who has the problem and who has to solve it.

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- Ariosto Borgato, TAMA AERNOVA Sales Manager