What is High Precision plasma cutting?

High Precision plasma cutting is a high quality cutting process that is used by fabricators wishing to achieve premium results.

A High Precision plasma system can deliver results that approach the quality of laser cutting, at a much lower cost. Plasma systems are also capable of cutting greater thicknesses than laser systems, and are cheaper and easier to maintain. High Precision cutting is defined as narrow kerf width with no top edge rounding, smooth cut face surface, bevel angle less than three degrees on all sides, and negligible dross. Conventional cutting will have higher cutting speeds, however kerf widths will be wider and some slight top edge rounding will occur.

Bevel angles for conventional cutting will be up to 6 degrees consistent on all sides. High Precision cutting offers results that meet or exceed ISO 9013:2002 (E). Class 3 – which means cut angles below 3 degrees, (Lower ISO Class means better quality).

High Precision Plasma vs Oxyfuel Cutting High Precision plasma offers greater cutting speeds and greater cut quality on materials up to 50 mm. With an Ultra-Cut 400 XT, 1 plasma torch can do the same work as 4 oxyfuel torches. Oxyfuel is limited to mild steel, while a plasma system can be used to produce excellent results on stainless steel and aluminium as well.
Example: This flange would take about 45 seconds to produce with plasma cutting and about 240 seconds using Oxyfuel.

High Precision Plasma vs Laser Cutting?
Laser cutting systems offer excellent results on thin materials, but are extremely expensive to run and are not suitable for cutting thick & reflective materials. Cutting capacities are lower than High Precision plasma systems. 

High Precision Plasma vs Water Jet Cutting?
Water jet cutting offers excellent results but at very slow cut speeds. Waste disposal can also be an issue as abrasive materials used in the cut process must be safely disposed of.


Why Buy a High Precision System?
A High Precision plasma system is an extremely flexible metal cutting tool that is capable of producing excellent results at high cut speeds on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium on thicknesses up to 50 mm and good results on thicknesses up to 90 mm. High Precision plasma systems can also be retrofitted onto existing CNC cutting tables, to replace an older plasma or oxyfuel cutting system, permitting older tables to take advantage of the latest advances in plasma cutting technology.