What is Plasma Gouging?

Plasma Arc Gouging (PAG) Plasma Arc Gouging is a simple method of metal removal that is performed by angling the torch to a lead angle of 35-45 degrees and using a gouging tip, while maintaining a constant standoff distance. This allows for only a partial penetration into the work, thus removing metal from the surface. The amount of current, travel speed, standoff distance, lead angle, and tip size will determine the amount of material removed and the profile of the gouge.

Plasma Arc Gouging is fast, economical and an environmentally friendly method for removing metal.
When compared with Conventional Air Carbon Arc gouging (CAC-A), Plasma Arc Gouging offers:
    Simple operation;
  ●  Easy acceptance from operators;
  ●  Clear visibility of gouging area;
  ●  High material removal rates; 
  ●  Reduced smoke in workplace;
  ●  Reduced noise in surrounding area.

Plasma gouging operations are possible using a Cutmaster TRUE Series system with at least 40 A of power. Select a gouging tip from the table below. Choice of tip determines the profile of the gouge and should match the power at which you are planning to run the machine. Ensure that the torch is fitted with the MaximumLife shield cup and gouging shield cap to ensure optimum operation and provide maximum protection to the torch front-end during gouging.