Horizontal Cartridge Filter OPF

The horizontal cartridge filter OPF is a dry air filtration / ventilation system that cleans the air from the suspension particles. The filter is especially suitable for suction of dust and smoke generated in the presence of laser, plasma or gas cutting, welding, grinding, fine and light metal dust. The cartridge filter inlet consists of a pre-filter chamber which, due to its configuration, prevents hot sparks from entering the filter elements.



Horizontal cartridge filter OPF designed and manufactured by Tama Aernova are dry filtering systems that purify air from the solid particles in suspension. Their installation allows to treat a wide range of pollutants.

The cartridge filter inlet consists of a pre-filter chamber which, thanks to its configuration, prevents the incandescent particles from reaching the filtering elements. It is particularly suitable for the suction of dust and fumes resulting from laser, plasma or oxygen cutting, welding, grinding and in the presence of fine and light dust.

How it works:
The dusty air is conveyed to the cartridges from the outside to the inside, depositing the impurities on the external part of the filter elements and in the collecting hopper. A compressed air jet, stored in a special tank, is injected cyclically in the cartridges, creating a wave of shaking able to detach and topple the particles deposited on the external part of the cartridges.

Standard equipment:
Filtration chamber
Hopper with support legs
Door for maintenance
Cleaning pneumatic system for cartridges controlled by differential pressure switch 
Pre-filtration chamber
Collection bin
Electrical panel
Pressure regulator

Optional equipment:
Continuous discharge with rotary valve
Fan engine start with soft starter or inverter


All models are Plug&Play, i.e. they are fitted with control panel, economizer and fan (with the exception of the ATEX version which as standard features only fan and economizer).
Thanks to the descending air flow and the control through a pressure gauge, the filter cartridges installed horizontally allow a better cleaning, a longer life and a low consumption of compressed air.
The cartridge dust collector has a high filtering surface, it is compact, easy to move and to transport.