Mobile filtration units

Mobile filtration unit PICK UP

The PICK UP line consists of the most effective and complete devices of mobile vacuum-filter units for the extraction and filtering of welding fumes, dust and aerosols, with the advantage that the extraction hood may be placed close to the source of the substances to be extracted. The use of PICK UP allows for the filtration of pollutants produced by welding and grinding operations, oily vapours from machine tools and aerosols deriving from rubber or plastic moulding, keeping the air inside the plant free of pollutants. The PICK UP is a self-contained unit mounted on wheels, structured specifi [...]

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Mobile filtration unit UNI FILTER 2000H

Mobile filtration unit UNI FILTER 2000H Italian company AERSERVIC SRL product. With automatic air purification. It intended for cleaning air from different kinds of smoke and dust, which arises during the welding process, including metal alloy with a high level during the welding process and dry metalworking process. The machine is delivered partially dismantled. The package includes power cable, chassis, handle equipment relocation.

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