CUTi 35

Kjellberg CUTi 35 - Manual plasma cutting inverter can be used for cutting electrically conductive materials. - carbon steel, stainless, aluminum and copper, up to 12 mm thick. The device is equipped with PFC (power factor correction) guarantees maximum power consumption from a single-phase 230 V network.


Mains Voltage 1x 230V / AC
Fuse, slow 16A / 32A
Cutting Current 15 - 35 A
Duty Cycle 100%
Duty Cycle 25%
Material Thickness:
  - recommended
  - maximum

Plasma Torch Kjellcut 35C
Plasma Gas Air
Plasma Pressure 4Bar - 0.4MPa
Air Flow 70l/min
Size 480 x 150 x 225 mm
Weight 10kg
Standartd EN 60974  
Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001



Plasma cutting inverter for cutting up to 12 mm material thickness with air cooled plasma torch
Cutting of all electro-conductive materials with plasma gas air.

- Highest mobility through low weight of only 10kg.
- Excellently suitable in crafts, in small and medium-size companies and training centres, for repairs and on construction sites.
- Suitable for straight, profile, template and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting.

Characteristics of CUTi 35:

- Stepless adjustable cutting current from 15 A up to 35 A for optimal cutting current adaptation to the cutting job
- Constant power output also in case of line variations.
- Safe pilot-arc ignition by high-voltage impulses.
- Excellent cutting quality.
- Running cutting start and running piercing possible, no reference point necessary!
- Automatic power increase of the pilot arc at workpiece contact.
- Filter regulator (protected through cover) used as oil and water separator as well as justification of plasma gas pressure when using an external compressor.
- Suitable for for electronically controlled power generating sets (min. 12 kVA).

High labour safety:
- High labour safety by shock-proof with safety shut-down at cutting with hand torch.
- Control of the plasma gas and the thermal load of the plasma cutting system.

Cutting with spacer spring, with contact cap, with bevelling cap or with long consumables
for cutting at inaccessible parts of workpiece.

Consumable kit is standard (contains 3 nozzles, 3 cathodes, spatter protection, contact cap, 2 spacer spring, bevelling cap, multiple wrench, safety wrench for central socket)

Optional accessories:
Circle cutting attachment for diameter 100 - 1,000 mm, included wheel guide;
ensures constant distance between torch and workpiece, also for safe cutting of contours.
Bevel cutting attachment, stepless adjustable, for example for welding seam preparation.