We offer full solution for any cutting system modernization.
Increase your cut speeds, cut capacity, parts life and productivity without buying a complete new machine.

Why retrofit?

Cutting technology is always evolving, resulting in dramatic increases in cut quality and speeds, and reductions in costs. Older CNC cutting equipment is often less efficient, and cut quality and speeds are limited by the technology available at the time of installation. 

We offer retrofit solutions for modernizing your CNC cutting equipment that bring the advantages of the latest cutting technology at an attractive price point.

- Incresed productivity - Adding a modern plasma ctting system to your existing CNC setup allows you to cut more by replacing outdated systems with the latest technology.

- Cost reduction - Our equipment advantage is increased consumable lifetime with Thermal-Dynamics HeavyCut™ for mild steel cutting. Water Mist Secondary WMS™ technology for reduced gas costs on stainless steel and aluminium.

- Versality - Thermal-Dynamics systems can be connected to most CNC systems.

- Easy to Use - Unique consumables cartridge allows for rapid replacement of consumable parts and digitally controlled gas console allows for easy adjustment of parameters and real time monitoring of cutting process.

- Minimal investment - No need to replace the entire CNC system - keep the same table and extraction system.


Examples of our work: