ALFATEC CNC 1.25X1.25M EKONOM - Cutting machine

ALFATEC CNC 1.25X1.25M EKONOM - Cutting machine

ALFATEC CNC plasma and oxy-fuel gas cutting machine 1.25X1.25m. Lightweight thermal cutting machine with CNC control. It is used for accurate metal sheet cutting thickness up to 15 mm with plasma cutting and up to 60 mm with gas cutting. Simple and convenient operation, industry production level machine. Handy and intuitive CNC controller interface.


EKONOM is equipped with central ventilation system.

The cutting portal is characterized by high quality, stable construction. The method of extraction of harmful products is solved by the use of central ventilation system. with high extraction efficiency. The working area is 1250x1250 mm. X, Y, Z axial movements are realized using 4 powerful motors, complemented by planetary gears, combined with precise linear guides and inclined toothed racks. All axes are equipped with safety limit switches. The whole design is designed to emphasize simple maintenance and simple, intuitive operation.

The cutting portal is mainly designed for cutting material with plasma technology, but it can be supplemented, for example, with (with a gas cutting system or with a pipe cutting machine). The system is equipped with adaptive torch height control over the material that is active in the cutting process. THC, depending on the thickness of the metal, automatically positions the piercing and the optimum cutting height, which at the same time prolongs the life of the wear parts. An integral part is to secure the torch with a special holder that protects the burner against mechanical damage. Using the adjusting screw, you can adjust the angular rotation of the torch against the split material.

The effective cutting width (mm) X axis


Effective cutting length (mm) Y-axis


Max. Cutting speed (m / min)


Accuracy (mm)


Quality cut * (mm)


Weight (kg)


 (*) It depends on plasma cutting system

CNC iekārtas darbības nodrošinājums:

Temperature (℃)


Relative humidity (%)



CNC controller (V)

Plasma source (V)


230V / AC 50-60 Hz

380V / AC 50-60 Hz

It is recommended to equip the table with: PEGAS PLASMA CNC 60, 101, 121 plasma current sources, for the required thickness of the cutting material.
At customer's request, we can integrate other manufacturers' plasma sources systems.


CNC Machine control:
The device includes an ergonomically designed control panel equipped with a 24-inch high-resolution monitor (optionally with a touch screen) to provide maximum user comfort.
The CutComp® control program is a part of the control system software designed to provide an interface between the entire machine system and the operator. The program runs on Windows® XP / 7/8/10. The operator controls the device using a wireless keyboard and mouse. The user interface is very convenient and intuitive with a wide range of process optimization options.
ALFATEC machine can be integrated (via WIFI or cable) into a computer network and, for example, share major (DXF, DWG) files, or remotely diagnose the entire system, etc. 

1. Main menu,  2. Machine control,  3. Information bar,  4. The boundary of the table area (the area inside the boundary), 5. Outline of the board,  6. Graphics, 
7. Current tool position,  8. Position of tool departure,  9. Position cleaning the tool,  10. X-axis ruler,  11. Y-axis ruler.
CAD / CAM software NEST:
WRYKRYS® software includes all plasma or gas cutting necessary functions:
CAD functions - drawing parts, repair.
DXF,DWG file import and processing
NESTING - the layout of the sheet.
Our equipment advantages:
- Rapid access to technical support.
- Continued availability of all plasma installations required raw materials.
- Handy and intuitive CNC control interface.
- Integrated library allows the operator to set up a program in a short time the necessary parts,
without cutting engineering staff assistance.