Automated CNC plasma power source: UC 131 Designed for metal cutting up to (20mm) - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Cutting power of the system: 130 Amps, 100% duty cycle (23.4 kW). Thermal-Dynamics® Automation.



Input current specification
Voltage: 230 V, 380 V, 400 V, 480 V, 600 V ( available in different configurations )
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Phases:  3 ph 
Max. OCV (U0) 400 - 450 VDC 
Output specification
Power Factor 0.91 @ 130 A DC Output
Cutting Current range: 5 - 130 A
Duty Cycle: 100% @ 40º C
Output Voltage: 60 - 225 VDC
Output Power: 23.4 kW
Cutting specifications

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Productive Cutting: 20 mm ( Fe )
15 mm ( CrNi )
20 mm ( Al )

Maximum Pierce:
25 mm ( Fe )
20 mm ( CrNi )
22 mm ( Al )

Edge Start:
40 mm ( Fe )
40 mm ( CrNi )
40 mm ( Al )
Plasma gas: Air, O2, Ar-H2, N2 @ 120 psi (8,3 bar) and (Ar) for marking with (AGB) automatic gas box
Shield gas: Air, N2, O2 at 120 psi (8,3 bar), H20 at 10 GPH (0,6 l/min)
Operating specifications
Work Temperature: -10°C to + 50°C
Cooling: Coolant and forced air (Class F)
Application Classification: CE, CSA, CCC
Warranty: 3 years
Size: ( 380, 400, 480 V ) :1031 x 698 x 1219 mm
( 230, 600 V ) : 1031 x 698 x 1664 mm
Weight: ( 380, 400, 480 V ) : 186 kg
( 600 V ) : 296 kg
( 230 V ) : 336 kg

The UC system configuration includes: • Power Supply (PS) • Remote Arc Starter (RAS) • Gas Control - Digital Control Panel (DMC) • Gas Control - Digital Pressure Controller (DPC) • Precision Plasma Cutting Torch XT • Connection Leads • Torch Spares parts kit • Touch screen control (TSC) - option • Heat exchanger (standard version 400A, available as an option for all others). Components are connected during installation.

Increase cutting efficiency. The UC Series high-precision automated plasma cutting power sources offer unprecedented cost-effectiveness and performance. The UC series systems provide excellent cut quality with narrow groove widths and a smooth cut surface. Integrated control of torch consumables, gas flow and cutting parameters ensures a cut quality range of 3° or better (according to ISO 9013).

Plasma power supplies are available with 130-800 A cutting power for cutting thicknesses up to 160 mm and are easily integrated with cutting tables, bevel cutting and robotic solutions. Special process technologies for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum ensure consistent, high-quality results at high cutting speeds.

The UC Series offers reliability you can count on. Compared to the XT series, improved cooling and robust electronics ensure greater reliability.
Individual components are easy to maintain and service.

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, which entered into force on April 20, 2016
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, which entered into force on 20 April 2016
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC, which entered into force on 2 January 2013

The design uses the following harmonized standard valid in the EEA:
EN IEC 60974-1:2018/A1:2019 Arc welding equipment - Part 1: Welding power sources
EN 60974-10:2014/A1:2015 Arc welding equipment - Part 10: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.
Additional information: Restricted use, Class A equipment, intended for non-residential use.



Series UC
Range of cut quality 3° or better ( according to ISO 9013 )
Cutting capacity offered by the system 130–800 A
Cutting thickness up to 160 mm
Materials that can be cut Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
Control of gas flow and cutting parameters Automated
Robotic solutions Yes
ScrapCutter option Yes
Ethercat & Wi-Fi connection Optional
Modular connection of inverter blocks Yes
Water Mist Secondary® Yes
HeavyCut™ Yes
QuickPierce Yes

Water Mist Secondary® (WMS) - provides fast cutting speed and low cost for machining stainless steel and aluminum.
HeavyCut™ - designed for cutting thicker density steel ensures the best cut quality and improves the durability of the parts.
QuickPierce - reduces cutting time and further increases the service life of usable materials.
3DPro - provides high-quality cuts suitable for robotic applications.
StepUp - allows modular inverter units to be added to increase cutting power.
ScrapCutter - option uses a manual plasma torch to cut the remaining plate.

An Ethercat and Wi-Fi interface is available for real-time process data access, troubleshooting suggestions and easy process setup.
Systems with a capacity of 600A and 800A can work with 1 burner up to 600 or 800A, or with 2 burners up to 300 or 400A.